You know how you sometimes start tweaking a few lines of code here and there, then realize a couple functions could use some refactoring, and then one things leading to another you find yourself a few days later in the process of setting up a brand new stack complete with a database and GraphQL API?

This is what happened to us this year. And while it resulted in quite a few stressful evenings as we tried to wrap this up and release the State of JavaScript 2019 results in, well, 2019; it also means we now have a much more powerful and flexible stack to collect and analyze data going forward.

This will come in handy to analyze the evolution of all the new tools starting to make waves such as Svelte, Stencil, Sporky, Nest, or Flutter. And yes, I did just make up one of those five, but admit it: you had a moment of doubt didn’t you?

But don’t worry. No matter how many weirdly-named libraries the community keeps throwing at you, we’ll be there to help make sense of all this chaos… that is, if we’re not too busy going through yet another refactoring to get our code just perfect!