The world's most prestigious (and possibly only) JavaScript awards are back. Before you click, try guessing which technology took gold in each category!

Most Adopted Feature

Awarded to the most adopted JavaScript feature.
#1AfArrow Functions

With 97.8% of users using it Arrow Functions is the most used JavaScript feature this year.

Runner Ups

2. Promises: 94.8%
3. Spread Operator: 92.3%

Most Used Technology

Awarded to technology with the largest user base.

With 16099 users React is the most used technology this year.

Runner Ups

2. Express: 15374
3. Redux: 13441

Highest Satisfaction

Awarded to the technology with the highest percentage of satisfied users.

With 96.4% of users willing to use it again, Jest proves once more it’s not kidding around.

Runner Ups

2. GraphQL: 94.8%
3. Cypress: 93.2%

Highest Interest

Awarded to the technology developers are most interested in learning.

89.6% of developers who have heard about GraphQL want to learn it. That’s some serious interest!

Runner Ups

2. Jest: 81.6%
3. Apollo: 78.8%

Most Used Resource

Awarded to the resource with the largest user base.
#1SoStack Overflow

With 17942 users Stack Overflow is the most used resource this year.

Runner Ups

2. MDN: 15531
3. CSS Tricks: 12842

Prediction Award

Awarded to an up-and-coming technology that might take over… or not?

Svelte made its explosive debut in this year's survey and we can't wait to see where it goes from here

Runner Ups

2. Nest.js
3. Stencil